Jürgen und Vinzenz Heindl lachen in die Kamera
Jürgen und Vinzenz Heindl lachen in die Kamera

JH Holding is a family business with international reach. It focuses on developing the non-integrated packaging market and strengthening the independent, medium-sized, family-owned companies that produce corrugated board packaging. We create value, impart knowledge and live values. The company has received a clear mandate from its shareholders Maximilian Heindl and Vinzenz Heindl: To offer the next generations strategic, financial and creative space to grow, learn and develop their skills.

Our activities focus on supporting the core business of Progroup AG and its customers. We help both to grow successfully and position themselves for success. The challenges and opportunities of our time are complex. That is why we create a network of knowledge and connections. This collective expertise helps us to jointly develop strategies and tap into new markets.

Our values

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We are reliable.

We say what we do and do what we say. Clear communication, transparency and responsibility are important to us. We keep our promises and fulfill the expectations placed on us.

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We think 

We tackle challenges with vision and depth. We analyse socio-economic megatrends and develop strategic solutions for the topics that are relevant to us. Curiosity, openness and continuous learning are key to honing our critical thinking skills.

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We work purposefully.

Success requires focus. We set ourselves clear goals and priorities, ensure that our commitment is meaningful and creates added value. Our team is highly motivated and uses its skills and expertise to achieve exceptional results.

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We act empathically.

We value diversity and live integration. People, society and the environment are at the heart of everything we do. Kindness, respect and empathy create a positive working environment.

Career Opportunities

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Interesting Job?
Yes, and meaningful too.

We are proud to offer our employees space for personal and professional development. Here you will find information about the team that awaits you and about our vacancies.

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